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Visiting Practitioners


Your wellness journey, your way. Embark on a healing journey designed to your wellness aspirations by renowned master practitioners.

Rajeshwari Nerurkar
Energy Healer
Rajeshwari Amol Nerukar has been a Physical Therapy practitioner since 2004 and she became an energy healer since 2009.
Art of Healing
Rajeshwari's interest in the various healing energy work led her to become a Reiki master and Advance healing practitioner. She learned to deeply understand herself and felt calm and at peace with herself. In practice, if clients recognize their emotions or trauma, and it has not yet taken root in the physical body then she feels Energy work is the best form of treatment. If emotions have taken root in the physical body and there is physical suffering, then she can work on the physical aspect first.
  • Chakra Psychic Healing and Balancing
  • Reiki
  • Marma Point Massage Therapy
  • Kati Vasti
  • Asian Sound Healing Therapy
  • Kansa Vatki Foot Treatment
  • Sound Bath
  • program date
    15th September - 15th November 2022
Ms. Nimisha Rattan
Wellness Practitioner and Integrated Alternate Therapies
Nimisha has more than a decade of experience conducting Healing Yoga, Dynamic Meditations, Ayurveda Lifestyle and Energy Medicine. She studies ancient Indian traditional literature and transforms them in an easy way that integrates completely with the needs of a modern lifestyle.
Spiritual Wellness for Women
With this wisdom and sensitivity, we would like to introduce Nimisha Rattan from India. She is a Spiritual Wellness Professional and an experienced practitioner of Alternate Therapies since a decade based in India. For her the idea of wellness includes to completely comprehend the structure of body in all its dimensions and to frequently recognise the limitations or obstructions in the areas of physical, physiological and psychological systems of the body. She believes there is always a cause behind certain condition of the body and till we work on that, our body can never reach to its point of natural balance or equilibrium. Through her consultations or counselling she tries to help people reach that spot of Perfect Health where she guides people to experience physical healing, emotional freedom, mental expansion and higher state of consciousness through her presence and her Holistic Touch. She is a great teacher, who loves to conduct classes based on her own experience with different modules of Healing Yoga, Dynamic Meditations, Ayurveda Lifestyle and Bio field or Energy Medicine. She picks the material as defined in the Ancient Indian Traditional Literature and transforms it in an easy way that integrates completely with the needs of a modern man. She provides a wide variety of programmes, retreats and training schedules that help to restore balance, accelerate healing, that encourages transformation at all levels of wellbeing.

“The Goddess emerges from deep within; she doesn’t enter from outside. She is the power lying dormant in some part of our being, and becomes active when conceived in consciousness. She dwells in darkness, but striving towards the light of our existence. She is born with love, sustained and nurtured by the higher thinking and blends seamlessly with the highest form of existence.”

  • program date
    20th November 2022 - 31st January 2023