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Wellness Retreats

Wellness Your Way

Fully immersive wellness retreats are available at ELE|NA Elements Of Nature at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI in the Maldives.

We focus on Ayurvedic principles of holistic nutrition and wellbeing by infusing the five natural elements—earth, water, wood, metal, and fire—to create epic journeys of healing.

The wellness sanctuary at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI is equipped with the expertise of an Ayurvedic doctor and specialists, holistic therapists, energy healers, movement and wellness experts, and nutritional professionals. Whatever the guests’ end goals relating to healthy living, our team curates an apt wellness journey, specific to each of them. This includes conscious meal plans, plant-based menus, and a passionate homecare team to provide wellness mindset mentoring so guests follow through with their holistic practice even after the retreat is over.


The programme also includes private treatments and retreat activities includng yoga, meditation, sound healing, floating meditation, breathing exercises, beach walks, fitness plans, and more.

Guests can select their wellness journey of choice, number of days, and then let the experts take over. The retreat blends the best possible wellness therapies, designed to take guests to their desired destination of emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Wellness Rejuvenation journeys requires pre arrival reservation.

Wellness Rejuvenation – Fully Immersive Wellness Retreat

An immersive wellness retreat, this programme involves a deep dive by the Ayurvedic Doctor to understand the guests’ various ailments and stressors and offer remedial treatments, therapies, conscious nutrition plans, and wellness activities. The guest villas will transform into guests’ own personal and private wellness enclave, replete with organic, bespoke amenities like handcrafted snacks, wellness attire, fitness equipment, turndown shots at night, indulgent bath rituals, and ambience enrichers to promote a complete state of relaxation.

At OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI, ‘Wellness Your Way’ is the essence of a healing journey as a healthy start begins with you.

Journey Options
Arrange a free consultation with our Ayurvedic Dr. to understand the best program for you before you book