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Lobigili stands as a contemporary 5-star resort exclusively designed for adults. In the Maldivian language of Dhivehi, ‘Loabi’ translates to love, and ‘Gili’ means island. Essentially, Lobigili is the embodiment of the island of love, where romance fills the air. The picturesque tropical surroundings, combined with nature-inspired designs, create a secluded and castaway ambiance—an ideal retreat for couples.

The tranquil spa complex features four secluded double treatment rooms, each equipped with a couples bath and nestled in a lush tropical garden.

Arrive early to bask in tranquility as we treat you to complimentary amenities such as revitalizing herbal teas and light local snacks. Indulge in a leisurely soak in one of our outdoor bathtubs while gazing upon the calming turquoise horizon. Drift into a state of togetherness and well-being with one of our special couples’ massages. Each moment spent at our spa is dedicated to relaxing your body and uplifting your soul.

Setting Out on Your Wellness Quest

Wellness Seeker

Our wellness treatments go beyond surface-level benefits, encompassing elements that contribute to your overall vitality. These treatments often combine therapeutic modalities, mindfulness, and natural remedies.

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