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“Embark on a personalized journey with us, where each student's interests, goals, and aspirations shape a tailored developmental path. Our training goals are dedicated to enhancing lives and well-being, ensuring that every student and their future clients experience a transformative and fulfilling wellness journey."

Setting Out on Your Wellness Career

Who we are

ELE | NA is not just a spa; it’s a sanctuary of tranquility and rejuvenation. The moment you step through its doors, you are transported to a realm of bliss, where the cares of the world melt away. With a commitment to excellence in service and a dedication to your well-being, ELE | NA ensures that your experience is not just memorable but transformative. Discover the epitome of relaxation in the Maldives at ELE | NA, where your journey to rejuvenation begins.

Catalysts for Positive Change

Our mission

We are dedicated to shaping the future of the wellness industry through our comprehensive education and development programs. By seamlessly integrating theory and practical training, our mission is to cultivate highly trained and knowledgeable wellness professionals.

We are committed to empowering our students with the skills and expertise needed for a successful career, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within the dynamic field of wellness. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and guide individuals toward progressive career plans, ensuring they become catalysts for positive change in the well-being of individuals and communities.

Courses Endorsed by CIBTAC

The CIBTAC Endorsement serves as a prestigious hallmark, affirming that our unique ELE|NA Wellness Academy courses have undergone rigorous scrutiny by the esteemed CIBTAC organization. This meticulous quality assurance process guarantees that Skin Candy Maldives and ELE|NA Wellness Academy consistently deliver an exceptional standard of teaching and learning to our students.

This endorsement is not merely a stamp of approval; it represents our unwavering commitment to excellence in education. The thorough evaluation by CIBTAC ensures that our courses adhere to global standards, encompassing the latest advancements in the field and providing students with a well-rounded and contemporary education in traditional therapies.

At Skin Candy Maldives and ELE|NA Wellness Academy, we take pride in offering distinctive traditional therapies that reflect cultural richness and international best practices. The opportunity to pursue these therapies comes with the added advantage of attaining globally recognized certifications. These certifications not only validate your skills and knowledge but also open doors to a world of opportunities in the competitive and diverse landscape of the wellness and beauty industry. We invite you to embark on a journey of learning and growth with us, where the fusion of tradition and modernity creates a unique and enriching educational experience.

Courses by CIBTAC

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